About Us

CTG Consulting has been providing IT solutions for over 20 years with a focus on cost effective, creative solutions for all sizes of business.   These solutions have consisted of simple automation scripts for backup routines, to the complex data mining systems used to analyze millions of records.  Our secret for success has often been in leveraging OpenSource solutions and frameworks which provide unique flexibility for both large and small projects.

Many firms state that no task is too big or too small, but we’ve proven it over the years by serving everyone from the single real estate professional, to the large world wide advertising firms.  This exposure has helped us refine our skills and ability, making us an ideal partner for success with a focus on ROI.

What makes us different?  One area is the utilization of a DevOps model in all aspects of our business, from project planning, operational support, development to troubleshooting.  Effectively utilizing the talents of each contributor and encouraging collaboration creates an environment for success, growth & creativity.  Our people are passionate about what they do and are eager to be in an environment that fosters this trait.

  • Skills & Expertise  – Our staff consists of all levels and disciplines within IS.  They receive regular training and attend IT conferences in order to stay keenly aware of the challenges in this ever changing industry.
  • Technologies – Linux, OpenBSD, OSX, Chef, Vagrant, OpenVPN, Windows, Amazon AWS, ZenCart, WordPress, Liferay CMS, ZenCart, OpenSSL, VirtualBox, VMWare, Fusion, Apache, Weblogic, WebSphere, Aolserver, Pf, SharePoint, PostgreSQL, DB2, NoSQL, Cassandra, MySQL, Oracle, SQLite, DNS, Java, TCL/TK, Google Analytics, Domain Registration, Exim, Postfix, PHP & Perl.  These are just a sampling of the many technologies that we’ve used to create successful solutions for our clients.
  • Vendors – IBM, HP, Dell, Apple, Oracle, Microsoft,VMware, RedHat, Amazon, Digital Ocean, Cisco, SuperMicro,  & Soekris to name a few.